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BOSS routers are supplied with Atlantic Regenerative Blowers. Atlantic Blower Systems have been in business in the U.S. since 1950. We believe these blowers outperform other types of vacuum systems. These blowers are long lasting and require little maintenance. We typically supply 15 hp blowers for our 5'x8' machines. Blowers are designed to move large amounts of air. What that means is as your parts are being cut out, the blower continues to hold the parts in place.


BOSS routers come with Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Electrical Control Cabinets. The Delta VFD (variable frequency drive) is enclosed in a dust free control cabinet with the AC motion controls for the AC servo electrical motors. We have engineered all the major components with protective breakers in case of unexpected electrical surges. Delta is the world's largest manufacturer of switching power supplies with their U.S. headquarters in California.